Do you know that the European Union is going to reform its import goods on packing policy recently? Stricter controls on plastics. This has increased the number of considerations in terms of our export and import industries to Europe. So, what kind of policy is that?

In fact, as a toy export company for many years, many of our products are packaged in Plastic boxes. In the European export policy until 2022, there has always been a “PVC Free” provision for import and export products, that is to say, Europe has always had a control standard for “plastics”.

So what is this policy change? That is, from “PVC Free” to “totally plastic-free”. In other words, all plastic packaging will be banned from the European market.

In October 2022, One of our European clients, the European Leader on toys (As customer privacy issues, I won’t mention names here.) talked to us and revealed the policy change, and told us that the policy will be officially implemented from February 2023.

Since the order of our cooperation will be carried out until March 2023, it means that all the goods we cooperate with this supermarket, as long as they have plastic packaging, we need to change to paper color box packaging. This is a challenge for us, as we export programming robots, magnetic products, straw sets and other products that are packaged in plastic all year round. One of the reasons is that plastic storage boxes help protect the components inside the products. Meanwhile, in addition to complete plastic storage boxes, regular display boxes will also be withdrawn from the European market, because the transparent display part of the box is plastic.

For example, the packaging of our products belongs to plastic products.

Example 1: Magnetic sticks

Example 2: Coding robotic

In fact, from the beginning of this year, it is also obvious to feel that Europe is particularly strict in the control of raw materials REACH, goods generally enter the EU customs first, and large quantities are often required to report in advance. This year, some customers began to ask to list all BOM materials of products. For each material such as PVC or ABS, they should provide the corresponding SDS raw material certificate with the raw material factory and report to the customs.

The supermarket we cooperated has such requirements on RC Toys. It requires us to decompose and display every part of the product and mark every missing type of raw material. At that time, they placed an order for some remote control toys from us. According to the policy, we need to provide the certificate shown below:

EN IEC 62115 Standard with LED testing(test age grade 3+)
RED-EU Type Examination Certificate

The above certificates are required for the products with RC TOYS. But if the toy is not Remote Control, For example, some of our new and popular products as below.(Then it no needs RED).

Example 1: Electronic learning blocks

Example 2: Salt water power mini robot:

In addition, according to our European customer, this policy will be implemented first in Germany, followed by other EU countries. In our collective judgment, this policy will be universal throughout the EU by the end of 2023.

It is also a reminder to our importers and exporters that no matter which country you are if your goods need to enter Europe, you need to prepare all the countermeasures against the “totally plastic-free” policy on packaging in advance. At the same time, for European importers, the problem for you is that you need to talk to your suppliers about countermeasures in advance to avoid any problems that may arise after the implementation of the policy.

Of course, this policy is a good policy in the context of the environment. Personally, it is based on the concept of environmental protection, which is put forward by the current global environmental problems. It is also a good beginning. I believe that under such a policy, more and more manufacturers, suppliers, importers and exporters will pay attention to the importance of environmental protection. Finally, I am looking forward to the good changes this policy will bring to our business environment!

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